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01/04 – online (live streaming) 02/04 – Koszykowa 75 (BLD of the MINI Faculty, WUT)

Warsaw IT Days

What are the Warsaw IT Days?

WDI is an initiative of students and authorities of Warsaw technical universities. Over the 13 years of its existence the event has gained a group of regular participants, which expands with each edition. Warsaw IT Days is now a fully-fledged technology conference aimed at people at every level of experience - from experts to students with at least basic knowledge.

What are the topics of the conference?

The event thematically covers almost the entire area IT.

  • Web development / frontend: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Frameworki (Angular, React, Vue)
  • Backend: .NET, Java, PHP, Python, C, C++
  • Mobile development: Android (Java, Kotlin), iOS (Objective C, Swift), Flutter, PWA
  • Software architecture
Gamedev / VR & AR
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Other platforms
  • Test automation
  • Methodologies and techniques
  • New apps platforms vs tests
SysOps, DevOps, Infrastructure & Cloud
  • DevOps organisation
  • DevOps technology
  • DevOps tools
  • Infrastructure management at every level
  • Management and use of cloud solutions (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
IT Security
  • Hacking
  • IT fuckups
  • Red & blue teaming
    (attacking & defending)
  • Securing applications and devices
  • Malware
  • Threat Hunting
  • Designing useful interfaces
  • Interaction design
  • Design for new technologies
  • Trends
Data Science / Big Data
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial intelligence
  • Data analysis and visualisation
  • Programming and tools: R, Python w data science
  • Big data, data warehouses
  • Statistics in computing
Hardware / IoT
  • Embedded systems
  • Robotics
  • IoT / Electronics
Project Management
  • Methodologies
  • New approaches
Business Analysis
  • Business analysis
  • Technical analysis
IT careers
  • Women in IT
  • Development paths
  • Truth vs myths

Who primarily attends the event?

Warsaw IT Days and the accompanying IT Job Fair are already a constant in the calendars of many students of Warsaw's technical universities. With 12 editions behind it, WDI now gathers not only students, but also graduates and experienced professionals who still remember the first editions of the conference and are eager to return for future ones.

What makes up the event?


  • 30+ thematic tracks
  • 230+ in-person and online presentations
  • Content and career workshops

IT Job Fair

  • Nearly 60 IT employers (in 2021)
  • Addressed to attendees and all interested persons (also from outside)

Networking events

  • Stationary afterparty
  • Discussion and Q&A sessions

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For nearly 10 years we have been not only the organizer but also the initiator of many significant events aimed at IT / data science professionals and students. Apart from Warsaw IT Days, our portfolio includes: Data Science Summit, The Hack Summit, Ya!vaConf, MS Dev Summit, IT Job Fair and many meetups. We also help companies/organizations interested in organizing IT and data science conferences. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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